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How to Browse for and Retrieve Files in the Economic Growth Center Digital Library

This project, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, digitizes and makes accessible Mexican state statistical abstracts from 1994-2000 for all 31 Mexican states.

The print volumes are available by chapter in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). More information about PDF files

Excel spreadsheets are available for individual statistical tables from socio-demographic and economic chapters for 1994, 1996, 1998, and 2000. More information about Excel spreadsheets

The EGCDL interface allows you to choose a combination of state(s), year(s), topic(s), and file format(s) to select PDF and/or Excel files. You can also search for Excel tables by keyword, in combination with the state/year/topic selections.

Estado/State and Aņo/Year and Topico/Topic

Choose All States or one or more states.
Choose All Years or one or more years.
Choose All Topics or one or more topics.
To choose multiple states, years, or topics, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or the Apple key (Macintosh) while selecting.

Restrict search by keywords (returns Excel files only)

Searches for words in the table title, row and column labels, and footnotes.

AND is automatically inserted between search terms. Use quotation marks to search for phrases. E.g. "ramos arizpe" mujeres returns tables containing the phrase Ramos Arizpe and the word mujeres

Enter search terms with or without Spanish accents or special characters; the same results will be retrieved either way. E.g. hombres acuna returns tables containing the words hombres and Acuņa.

Limit to: [Format]

Choose All Formats to retrieve PDF files and Excel spreadsheets.
Choose PDF to retrieve only PDF files. (More information about PDF files)
Choose Excel to retrieve only Excel spreadsheets. (More information about Excel spreadsheets)

When you have made all your selections, click the Go button.

Results screen

Results are sorted first by state name, then by year within state, then by chapter number within year.
Results can be sorted by state name, year, chapter title, chapter number, file type, and Excel table number. Click on the header of a column to sort results by that column.

To view a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet, click on the Chapter Title link for that file. To download a PDF file or Excel spreadsheet:
Open the file and save it.
Windows: Right-click the Chapter Title link and choose Save Target As....
Macintosh: Hold the mouse button down on the Chapter Title link and choose Save Target As...

 File last modified: 17 February 2004